Loan Programs

We can assist with a variety of real estate related loans. Whether you are looking to purchase a home, refinance, get a reverse mortgage, obtain an ITIN loan or get a loan for an investment property, we can help.

Purchase Loans

We offer a variety of loan programs for buying a home. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or have purchase a home before, we have great programs available. Borrowers with great credit scores can take advantage of our elite loan programs featuring elite interest rates. We also have loan programs with as little as zero down payment.

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Take advantage of the low interest rates available. You can refinance your home and take cash out, or restructure your loan to get a lower payment or lower the amount of years left on your loan. We offer elite loan programs for borrowers with good credit scores. We can also offer loans with any number of years, giving you the borrower more options. If you are currently paying mortgage insurance, find out if refinancing your home can get rid of mortgage insurance and lower your payment.

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Reverse Mortgage

If you are at least 62 years old and have equity in your home, it's possible to get a reverse mortgage and never make a mortgage payment again. This is a great option for our seniors, and a very simple process. Find out if a reverse mortgage is the right option for you.

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ITIN Loans

Yes, we do ITIN loans. ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) loans, or foreign national loans, are for people that don't have a social security number, but instead have an ITIN number. If you are looking for an ITIN loan in California, whether it's a purchase loan or refinance, we can help.

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Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are great for investors and flippers. Hard money loans are also a great option for home owners that are in need of money fast, but may not be able to qualify for a traditional loan.

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Commercial Loans

Are you looking to purchase or refinance a multi-family property with 5+ units? We can offer a variety of programs for your consideration. We also work with borrowers looking to purchase or refinance commercial properties and businesses.

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